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An Independent Resource Center and Knowledge Base.

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Becoming the standard in the Blogosphere.

Providing webmasters with the tools and educational content they need to further their presence online.

Give our readers a place to discuss any topic and share their opinions.

Help gamers proceed to the next level

Review suggested items by our community

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We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you only receive information at its highest quality.


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We don’t limit ourselves. Knowledge just keeps flowing in and is one click away from you.

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PANTORIALS – The new Knowledge Base

PANTORIALS, is now the place were you are taught in first hand how you can become the ultimate webmaster.

Our Wiki, which helped you in the past is now making its contribution on the new site. Multiple classes make sure you are always on the vanguard when it comes to creating, customizing and advertise your presence online.

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Distributed liberally

As this is not a private club, everything is available for free.



Infographics, videos, written articles, educational emails, audios and other media we ourselves can’t number.

Learn at your own pace

We use the most popular platforms so you can access all articles and tuts wherever you are at any time.

The App Directory – Computers & Internet

The internet isn’t exactly one of the safest places to browse and staying secure and up-to-date is a must.

We got you covered: it was to cater that need that we created a directory of trusted applications and websites and included a short review so you can find out more from our point of view and make an informed decision.

Assured quality

You’ll never have to worry whether a specific type of program is reliable and safe to use or not.

Timely updated

Get the best for you and find out what makes a good product.

Suggestions are welcome

The blogosphere keeps expanding. Your opinions and suggestions contribute to this directory.

Get a complete overview of blog

Or take a look at the latest posts

Film-making applications

2 Free and Powerful Film-making assets

Enhance or delve inside the world of movie making with 2 easy to use applications to manipulate video and sound.

SSL Guide

SSL Security

PixelPrivacy teams up with the TRI to provide us with an useful guide explaining what and how SSL keeps our information private while browsing.

Free HTML Templates for websites

4 HTML Site Templates Repositories

TRI’s selection of useful sites for new webmasters for the year 2018, featuring Free HTML website templates.

Image Manipulation tools for 2018

4 Free and easy to use Image manipulation apps

TRI’s selection of useful sites for new webmasters for the year 2018, featuring Free image manipulation software.

Free stock images sites

4 Useful free stock image sites for 2020 (CC0 – Updated)

TRI’s selection of useful sites for new webmasters for the year 2020, featuring Free stock image sites.

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TRIGGER – The Gaming Corner

Dive into one the best online gaming communities of several genres in the most popular titles and get a sense of revolutionary gameplay, offering non-stop action.

Engage gamers from all over the planet in the field of battle, watch your favourite streamers and training videos and participate in various contests to win prizes.


Join Clans and Guilds

Whichever you choose, discover like-minded people who will show you the definition of entertainment.


All Welcome

That means Noobs can hone their skills and become more than just targets and Experts set another record on the leaderboard.


Get Geared

Not prepared yet? Find what equipment suits your gamestyle and own the battleground.

INFAMERS – The Discussion Board

You can find all of the above and much more in our bulletin board but it doesn’t stop there: besides offering you plenty of discussion opportunities, there are also other benefits in being part of this community.

Now, that includes you.


Disscuss without restrictions

There are boards for almost everything. We welcome you to share your views and opinions here.

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We are social and would love to meet you and yours.

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The outside world never sleeps and has much waiting to be discovered.

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