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About the TRI


Officially started in 2012 and based in Sintra, Lisbon, to show the Internet from a different prism, the Technology Research Industries, Triplestrata or just TRI, was formed as a individual project, to become an online community hub.

Now that we’ve changed our approach, from what’s on the web to who is using it, and adopted a closer approach to the public instead of a commercial outline, now we are combining every ray of light coming from that prism into a single place.

We make reviews and lists about web apps, discuss various topics and make announcements in our forum and videos and contests in our gaming corner, to name a few of our activities.

There are plans to include more of what you already see here.

We started here. There’s plenty of misleading opportunities and lack of transparency from some service providers, MLMs and other programs to earn money online. Though our intentions were good, we ended up making the same mistake and becoming overly commercial.

Currently, our views on this matter have changed and so have our way to help our community and the Blogosphere, without setting anything aside that might be helpful, while cutting down the marketing and exposing it.

A longtime spearhead of the TRI’s endeavours, and still is one of the most discussed topics of our network.

Nowadays, we roam the Internet to seek the most useful apps and websites, review them and put them in our Directory. Once, a large cluttered place, now a comprehensive place where they are easier to find and take a look at.

Another aspect about computers that worried us were computers in general. Software, hardware, maintenance and how-tos were wares and skills we constantly need at the TRI. Since we try many of them as part of our every day life, we decided to include them in our Directory as well.

Our latest addition to the cluster is the gaming and entertainment subsite. Hardly a challenge since this is something that many of us do for a change of pace and its very fun and rewarding to our community.

We had tried this set before in another site but decided to incorporate all of its content here where it’s easier to find.

Future Additions

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Creative Writing

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Computer Graphics

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