“The German” Documentary

“The German” Documentary

“The aftermath and remnants of the collision between two distinctive worlds determined to set each other ablaze.

A predictable result is expected… until something new comes into play.”

Watch this quick documentary video about a less known fact about World War II.

[CONTEST] Porsche Collection – World of Tanks

[CONTEST] Porsche Collection – World of Tanks

Team up with 2 more mates and take a picture, using vehicles with designs by Ferdinand Porsche.

Winners will be rewarded with in-game gold and the picture will be featured in the TRI’s Networks (my website).

No registration is required. Just take the picture, upload it to Imgur then copy and paste the following template and post it in the contest thread in World of Tanks EU Region.


Post your pictures here on the WoT EU Forum thread.

You’ll need to correctly identify the members of the team so they can be rewarded. If a player username is incorrect or unclear, we cannot guarantee the player(s) in question will be rewarded.

Team Malinovka

  • ReportClickers2018 – Mauerbrecher
  • Object_907_is_Weak[FAMU] – Maus
  • UNI-T67-CORN – Mäuschen

Just copy and past the green part to the forums and edit as required.

Event Start/Finish Dates (24h clock):

  • Event starts at 04/08/2018 – Saturday – As soon as I can, no later than 12:00 GMT
  • Event ends at 06/08/2018 – Monday – 22:00 GMT

The winning team will be announced shortly after and rewards will be distributed ASAP.


  • Pictures must be in Ultra settings, with everything maxed out. You can ask the member with the highest settings to take the picture for you. Just make sure he/she’s creative enough.
  • Resolution should be as high as possible.
  • All images must be uploaded to Imgur.com: https://imgur.com/
  • Everything counts: camo, camera angle, lens flare, climbs, shooting, etc.
  • Editing photos in a way it’s obvious to tell it was manipulated (artificial lens flare, night, overlays, watermarks, timestamps, logos, etc) is not allowed. Ideally, no photoshopping.
  • Don’t shoot yourselves. Your tanks must be intact (I.E. no holes, broken tracks).
  • Clan marks and tags are allowed. It’s neither mandatory nor a decisive factor but it looks better if you all belong to the same clan.
  • For comfort, we suggest using a Training Room. You may need to “hire” a fourth member but only 3 can show up in the picture and only 3 get rewarded.
  • You can do this in any map.
  • Mods to have the camera in another point of view are allowed.
  • Replays are not needed.
  • A single player cannot be part of two teams. If such a player is spotted, they will be removed and banned from future contests. Alt accounts are allowed.


  • World of Tanks EU Accounts only.

Only available for the following vehicles:

  • Ferdinand
  • G. W. Tiger
  • G. W. Tiger (P)
  • HT No. VI
  • Jagdtiger
  • Mauerbrecher
  • Maus
  • Mäuschen
  • Tiger 131
  • Tiger (P)
  • Tiger I
  • Tiger II
  • VK 100.01 (P)
  • VK 30.01 (P)
  • VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A
  • VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B
  • VK 45.03

Inaccuracies are likely and this list might be incorrect/incomplete. Regardless, these are the vehicles that are accepted. If one or more of the vehicles the Team uses is not on this list, that team will be disqualified.


  • 40 Teams

Beyond the above limit, new applicants won’t be considered.

Winning conditions:

  • Arbitrary (the contest admin will choose a winner based on the best picture found).

If the winner is a WG Staff, Volunteer, Community Contributor and the like, the rewards will be distributed to team in second place/others, but they will still be recognized and I’ll also feature the picture in the TRI.


  • 3 X 1500 Gold Coins – All 3 team members receive the award.

Good luck and see you there!

An important message to all campers out there…

An important message to all campers out there…

  1. Spawn in on your side of the map.
  2. Move to an advanced position.
  3. Lay your gun in an expected enemy onslaugh direction.
  4. Wait for it… wait for it… Not there yet…
  5. Spot the enemy.
  6. Aim at it…
  7. And shoot’n’frag!
  8. Repeat everything from #2 all over again and from #1 if you die.


Ah.. yes, the 8 stages of camping. How adorable. And how much we hate it. It was thinking about it that Machinae Supremacy wrote a perfectly fitting song for those of you who love your VW Type 2s and tents.




Mercenaries Fighting Force

Mercenaries Fighting Force

mercenary is a person who takes part in an armed conflict who is not a national or a party to the conflict and is “motivated to take part in the hostilities by the desire for private gain”.

In other words, a mercenary is a person who fights for personal gains of money or other recompense instead of fighting for the ideological interests of a country, whether they be for or against the existing government.

In the last century, and as reflected in the Geneva Convention, mercenaries have increasingly come to be seen as less entitled to protections by rules of war than non-mercenaries. However, whether or not a person is a mercenary may be a matter of degree, as financial and national interests may overlap.


Art 47. Mercenaries

  1. A mercenary shall not have the right to be a combatant or a prisoner of war.
  2. A mercenary is any person who:

(a) is especially recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict;

(b) does, in fact, take a direct part in the hostilities;

(c) is motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a Party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party;

(d) is neither a national of a Party to the conflict nor a resident of territory controlled by a Party to the conflict;

(e) is not a member of the armed forces of a Party to the conflict; and

(f) has not been sent by a State which is not a Party to the conflict on official duty as a member of its armed forces.

All the criteria (a – f) must be met, according to the Geneva Convention, for a combatant to be described as a mercenary.


Notable Mercenary Forces:

  • American Volunteer Group (aka “The Flying Tigers”)


Source: Wikipedia

A day on an Aircraft Carrier – Time Lapse

A day on an Aircraft Carrier – Time Lapse

Interested in becoming a Navy sailor aboard an aircraft carrier? Look at what happens in one first and see if it’s for you after all!

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