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Video Marketing, or just making videos, in general, is always a nice break from the traditionally written blog posts that normally populate websites.

But regardless of the type of content you’re creating, film-making will require you to have not just the right tools, be it the software that will assist you in creating videos, as you are about to find out, but also the appropriate machine to run it, hardware-wise. It takes a determined mind to pick up a reel and turn it into a work of art people would be willing to spend their time to watch it.

Fortunately, that road trip can be shortened when the three are gathered, an impressive broadcasting program becomes inevitable.

Of course, its success depends on what you are offering to the public!

So let’s see what’s gonna help you turn your YouTube channel around if you just ventured in it, or improve what work you already have.


We use Audacity to record sound here in the TRI. But through this program, you can do so much more.

Edit, cut, loop the audio of your video with the accuracy and quality expected from an award-winning software. There won’t be the need to a 100-page long manual either since it’s pretty straightforward to use and will work in most popular Operating Systems.

Sound effects are also available as plugins for Audacity.

One thing worth mentioning is that, in order to capture sound from your own PC and save them in the MP3 format, you need to download and install the LAME encoder, which doesn’t come with Audacity due to copyright reasons. Along with other freebies, you can get LAME, plugins and others: You can download them from the links below:


Picture Credit: Aaron Spike


This is the most recent entry to the TRI’s roster. We’re not gonna say it’s easy to master but if the type of video-editing you’re looking after goes beyond some transitions in Windows Movie Maker, the learning curve is well worth the effort.

SFX you can see in movies like Iron Man and Star Wars can be recreated with your PC, as shown on their site. Those are relatively simple to do and their tutorial base can help you get a quick start.

There's more...

Finished setting up your studio already?

This project covers other tools that you might find useful for your webmaster career. Make sure you also have the following covered.

Photo Editing

Give a new face to your photographs.

Utilitary Apps

General purpose apps to improve your workflow

Image Libraries

Find free stock images for your website and posts.