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It’s safe to say these days, that creating a website is a lot like choosing a career and graduating for it. Takes a lot of effort in finding the right tools, proper teachings and that much-needed support when problems arise.

And let’s be honest: starting an Internet place from scratch is also tedious. Who likes spending hours after hours designing something that might not even be completed during the time it was invested, right?

Luckily, plenty of people who realized this have listened to that heed and made us jumpstarts to speed up the process of getting your word out.
Page templates we can edit to suit our liking and project are abundant online but only a few ones are needed. We’ve compiled here a short list of places that make them you’ll find interesting and surely will suit what you’re looking for.

It should be also noted that, despite most of them being free, it requires attribution through a link back to the site’s designer on the bottom, like the one in ours that says “Designed by ElegantThemes”.


We used this site’s templates for the design of our newsletters. While knowing of HTML code is required to be able to build a site using these templates, the way it was coded provides a clean, easy start even for non-coders or those trying our their first steps. If we don’t know how to code for a website but want to try your hand at it, these are the themes you’ll need.

And of course, not only it’s free but the selection is top notch.


If the above site doesn’t have enough themes or you’d rather get to compare them with others, check Templated’s collection of almost 900 themes.

Like the other, all remain free. The only requirement is attribution.


This place allows developers to upload their own theme and share it for free. This means you are bound to find everything from one-page websites to templates that gather the good from WordPress and mix it with the simplicity of HTML.

One thing we found that was not appealing was the broken English found in some themes. That’s usually a sign of a website being made in a rush. Nevertheless, it can be easily edited out. Make sure you proofread your text before going live!


Definitely another a website template repository, FreshWebDesign makes several blog posts concerning every possible subject.

We are linking to the templates you’re likely to want to see, but feel free to go to the homepage and see for yourself their theme selections.

Alternative for non-coders

Even if coding is not your strength

Bonus – Mobirise

We know creating a site from the ground up takes time and it’s not an easy task. More so when there’s coding involved and only one set of hands at it. Mobirise removes the geeky part of the job and lets you skip to what matters the most: building the site.

It works almost in the same way as the Visual Divi Builder we use for our WordPress theme where the current outlook of your website is also it’s current state when it goes live!

Mobirise is completely free, although there are also premium packages you can acquire. to further extend its already advanced customizing capabilities.

There's more...

Is your site already up and running?

This project covers other tools that you might find useful for your webmaster career. Make sure you also have the following covered.

Photo Editing

Give a new face to your photographs.


Audio and Filmaking

Apps to assist your video producing.

Image Libraries

Find free stock images for your website and posts.