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Without a doubt, Adobe’s Photoshop is the first name when we think of image manipulation. And for years, it was and still is, the absolute undisputed king in this industry.

Recently, Adobe moved all of its products to the Creative Cloud, which means that single payment product licenses are over. Pricing is still affordable although it might turn off users which want specific bundles.

Oftentimes, the problem is not the paywall that prevents, in this case, artists from acquiring the product but there’s simply no viable way to pay. This forces them to seek other alternatives which are a one-click away from them.

So, to prevent you from falling behind your competitors, we’ve compiled 4 more apps to edit images, without any walls or commitments.

Making art in 2018 will be as simple as these three steps…





Windows 7 or 10 users might already have this installed by default. One could say this is a turbocharged MS Paint although it’s nothing like it. Whatever editing you could do in the standard Paint, this does it better and more fluidly.

It doesn’t start as quickly but since Paint is scheduled to be phased out, we mind as well get used to it.


GIMP is, well, a “gimped” version of Photoshop, although not too much. During our use of this application, we’ve found it to be much simpler.

For a long time, it has been it’s number one contender and probably the best free alternative.


Initially, this tool is a bit disappointing since it doesn’t feature as many tools as other apps. Also, the panels that normally appear in the interface have to be manually pulled. But with a little effort in understanding the platform, it can be the only tool you’ll need for photo editing.


Developed by a stock images site, 123rf, this one is a bit different. Unlike the other three, it doesn’t require you to do any of the above-mentioned steps because it’s directly launched on your web browser. It’s pretty much just like Photoshop and has most of the basic tools you will find in it.

Because of ease of use and readiness, it deserved a spot on our list.

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