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Images bring variety in blog posts and enrichen the overall look in the website. Finding the right one for any given work can be a challenge because there are so many possibilities. Moreover, the places where you are able to obtain them are numerous.

After finding the right image, it’s also required, on most websites, to provide either a link back or to pay royalties to the creator. Depending on the project the former can prevent your site looking as professional and the former not possible or too expensive.

Fortunately, and to simplify the process, there are image libraries that provide these without any cost and requiring attribution, under the Creative Commons Zero License.

Below are the libraries we believe you will find the images you need for your posts and site. All of them are easy to use and registration is optional.

Pixabay – 1,100,000+

The site that has been amazingly helpful in finding us useful pictures for our content has been Pixabay. It doesn’t only offer you images but it also has videos in HD, which are great when you need introductions and can’t afford to wait too much time for Fiverr gigs or something similar.

Pikwizard – 1.000.000+

Yes, you read right! Our most recent entry to the list contains over ONE million high-resolution pictures! Pikwizard breaks all records and sets the bar where few other sources are able to rival.

Had enough of pictures? Worry not, because Pikwizard also has videos (SD/HD) available for free download, without the hurdle of having to register. Simply choose the assets you want to obtain, click “Download” and save to your computer.

The only thing you’ll need an account for is to edit the images on-site, through their “Photoshop-esque” application, that will help you save time and get the picture just how you need ahead of anything else.

Pexels – 40,000+

This was the first site the TRI used for free images. The variety is very good and so is the quality. The categories present on the site are among the most searched for in the context of webmasters (office, work, laptop, etc.)

The site holds contests and it’s possible to search by photographer.


Another free pictures site is Stocksnap. Right from the home page, you can jump to the most popular search terms to view high resolution pictures. As with the above two sites, you can also submit your own pictures.

Foodies Feed – 900+

Last but not least, good news for food blogs: Foodies Feed contains hundreds of photographs of food and drink. While all the pictures are free, there’s the option of purchasing a premium package with almost 1000 pictures that haven’t been published yet, according to the site owner. Either way, they are good for commercial use.

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Compare all and take your pick.

Bonus – The Stocks

The place where you can see all of the above and more, including 3D models, Fonts, Icons, Color picks and other extras.

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This project covers other tools that you might find useful for your webmaster career. Make sure you also have the following covered. We will, so be sure to come back!

Photo Editing

Give a new face to your photographs.


Audio and Filmaking

Apps to assist your video producing.


Site Templates

HTML5 templates for new site projects.