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Tools I Seek Meta Tag Creator

HTML Meta Tag generator


This is an improved and extended Meta Tag Generator that can give your site a jump on the search engine result page (SERP), which may entice someone to access your site, depending on what tags you created.


What’s inside


This generator creates a detailed description of your site which is visible only to machines. It has little effect on search engines: doesn’t make you rank higher or lower, but the information inserted on these tags will be displayed on some of them.

It can, however, facilitate your website’s discovery if some user searches.

Using this tool, you may set a wide array of meta information, relevant to ‘Bots which might increase their activity, and consequently, human interaction: making them crawl and index your site or to visit it in a set amount of time for example.


Enter your details

Generate your tags




Copy the information

Paste it and done!

See Tools I Seek Meta Tag Creator's ups and downs

You won’t find many disadvantages in this tool. It does everything as advertised on the website.


No sign up required

Get what you came for without giving any personal details.


Easy to use

Once the code is generated, all you have to do is copy and paste it.


Extended Meta Tag list

You may find a thorough list of tags you can use and embed on your site. You may use some or all of them. It’s up to you.


Anti Spam Protection

Your email may be added to the tags list without giving it away to spiders or harvesters.


No unuseable code

Malicious code, link backs or similar codes are not added to the tags generated. This facilitates it’s implementation as there isn’t anything you need to edit.


Deprecated by some Search Engines

There are some Search Engines that take into account what’s written on the tags but most have instructions to ignore completely or only include them when relevant.


No support for other platforms

Currently, the Tools I Seek Meta Tag Creator only supports plain HTML and there seems to be no alternatives supporting popular platforms.

Get your Meta Tags

Need more tags? We got you covered!

Our Knowledge base has a few more tags that come in handy if you want to try them out. They’re a single click away!


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