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Comments are the spice of any website and the proof that they are worth visiting a second time.

A source of reviews, good and bad.

What’s inside


People can upvote or downvote any comment. It can be implemented in the major blogging platforms.

Unlike most widgets and other web service solutions, this one comes with a community of its own which ads on top of those you already have. That can be especially helpful in case you don’t have a lot of viewers.

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See DISQUS' ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right Commenting app for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.



Direct access to the Disqus community

Being very large,  with over 7 billion hits per month, a webmaster can seize the opportunity of growing an audience using this platform


Monetizeable Account

High traffic sites can run DISQUS ads, same way as Google AdSense, to earn money.


Increased traffic loyalty

With DISQUS comments, your users are more likely to stay on your site and interact with it. Since it’s a social network, people are constantly using it.


Troublesome to dismantle

Should you ever decide to remove DISQUS, you’ll have to backup your comments and install them on your new platform.

This isn’t very practical and may have SEO repercussions.

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