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Programs that aren’t recommended

Now that you’ve decided to be an internet entrepreneur, you need to choose your niche. A niche is a topic that your site will be about and what it you’ll discuss in it.

As of today, the internet offers more and more money making solutions.

Information on the matter has become something banal and easily acquired, and the means (blogging, advertising,¬† “paid-to”, …) are in the range of so many people, that becoming one of them has turned into a death race of which only the most fittest can emerge as the victor.


So, where to choose? Or where you shouldn’t?

Usually, sites with a considerable amount of users, with too much mainstream and a few years of its own, already have the oldest members getting a bigger slice of the cake. This means that by the time you get there, only crumbs are left for you, making the path harder, less enjoyable and rewarding.

Conversely, sites with little or no community interest, that have been abandoned by Site Admins are less likely to provide any income as well.

What you shouldn't join

In reality, most online income solutions are bogus.
This is even harder to avoid if you’re a newcomer.

Also, if the site you wish to join doesn’t have an expansion plan for you, the user, then you won’t be able to advance on your career as a marketer, which may not be a good thing on the long run, unless it has an attractive return to begin with.

Inexperienced eMarketers usually start on the same platforms, which are often ill advised.

Now we will review them and see why you shouldn’t join them:


“Get paid to…”

These require you to complete a task and get paid when it’s completed (hence its name).

You typically earn more by referring other users to the same program you’re currently in and each task usually has a symbolic value.

Tasks consist commonly in viewing other sites, registering in sites, completing offers, reading and related activities.

Given that these sorts of tasks can be done by anyone with a computer with an internet connection, they have a lot of members on any of this programs. Therego, payouts for each task completed, regardless of what they are, are very small preventing their members from turning it into the main income source. Users usually have a normal offline job while using this opportunity as a secondary income stream.

Even though some of them provide a progression path, it doesn’t pay off because their high popularity.

So, it’s safe to conclude that such type of programs are better suited to people who are looking to advertise their sites.


Market Research

Also referred to as Surveys,

Companies always look for people to try their products and services, but the reality is that most audiences dislike advertisements or even just give their opinion. Since that opinion is needed, those companies are willing to add a little incentive for them to do so. They are quite similar to the above mentioned program type where you can earn money through research surveys, shopping online, and referring others to their program.
Otherwise, the are alike. The only change is the advert type and the fact that you are being paid by taking action (PPA).

That, combined with the fact that not many people are willing to share personal preferences allows payments to be a substantially higher. Cash out minimum is also higher, so you’ll need to do more offers before you can claim your funds.
On top of all this, the main problem is that there is no other way of getting extra cash from it: you can only gain from the basic ways hereby presented, meaning, you can’t get any further than that.
You should also be reminded that, right off the bat when making the registration, your e-mail may become target of spam.


Data entry jobs

Whenever something needs to be converted to digital format, something computers are not always capable to do, someone who can manually enter the information is hired.

This type of work requires very little experience (if any at all), making it also a frequent choice for newcomers.


These are just two examples but they are big monsters of the businesse. You are certainly to spend time in an unfruitful venture should you join this or any sort of program of similar nature.
You should also practice your own technique of evaluation regarding any site you’re giving some though to. That way, you’ll not only be able to judge their pros and cons, but also develop your own list of what will work for you and what won’t.
It’s important to choose well what you want to promote or what sites you sign-up to because to be profitable, an investment of an entire year is required. So, be sure to pick those that you’ll get the most from, but don’t start on too many.
If you join too many programs or sites, they may become¬† hard to manage: you must take in account how much time you have available and other factors we’ve discussed on the previous chapter.
Try to join no more than 5 unless you’re positive you can run them all, because otherwise you are risking wasting further time and leave something behind.
Just do what you can. If possible get help from someone else and start a team. Teams are good if you have people who share a common goal and you know what they say: 2 heads think better than just one. Though this is only good if you people you can trust.