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Top class shared hosting

Yet another great provider for fresh new webmasters, Hostgator should be one of your top choices since it enables you to learn at your own pace, providing the training you’ll need to get used to webhosting services and develop your site.

What’s inside


Free website transfer

Advanced Programming Support


Weebly SiteBuilder

SSH Access


Know exactly what’s in it for you

Improved Shared Hosting

As of now, HostGator is known to be the most popular and cost-effective shared hosting platform on the market, which is also their most advertised product.

Packed with all the tools to get a decent website going, also restriction-free.

Windows hosting

Host your ASP.NET project with Plesk, with no extra cost using the same tools available for Linux based accounts.

See HostGator's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right hosting service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.



All basic tools included

From Auto-installers to Zen-Cart, HostGator is a one stop shop for all your hosting needs. Something not easily found in other providers.


Ultra thorough Video Tutorials

They have video lessons showing you how to configure major services, Email Accounts, cPanel and Sitebuilders you’re likely to use.

Over 150 videos at your disposal in case you ever need to unravel yourself.


Still a bit pricy

Even though it’s a good deal, all the tools they provide should be a standard in web hosting services. A matter that isn’t well-balanced by none, although HostGator seems to be the only one that gets close enough.

Regardless, $7.16/mo is more expensive than what other hosting services have to offer.


Not out of the ordinary

This company puts more effort in shared hosting, their main product, letting users with bigger projects with nothing left but very costly plans for VPS and Dedicated Server accounts. The offer is still good but when it’s compared with other providers, it’s a clear letdown.

Starting at $7.16/mo (Sign-up: $20.11)

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