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AWeber Comunications

Email Newsletter service


This is an auto-responder service that allows you to create a list of potential customers and send them scheduled messages you’ve written previously or recent posts from your blog.

What’s inside


Easy-to-use form and email builders


RSS to Email



Multiplatform Integration


Subscriber segmentation

Know exactly what’s in it for you


Facebook Integration

This applet allows your traffic to  jump from readers to subscribers with a single click. Their information is automatically added if the users are logged-in to their Facebook Account.

Once they’ve made the click, they will become your subscribers immediately.

Professional HTML Email

Your can now create fully customized email messages, with your own code in them.

Even if you’re not a programmer, you can simply choose one of their hundreds of templates and use their Drag-and-Drop editor. You also get about 3000 free pictures to use if you ever need any.

See AWeber's ups and downs

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Improved user interface

AWeber’s site has been extensively modernized and is now much easier to navigate.

Everything a new internet marketer needs to know about this type of service can be found in just a few clicks.


List, Form and Newsletter setup wizard

Despite creating a list being somewhat complicated, they broke it down in several steps including an onscreen description of what every feature/field is.

That let’s you know of what you’re dealing with as you hover your cursor without interfering with your work.


Unlimited storage

It’s users are able to store as much as data as they so desire. This company doesn’t give any specific limitation.


Expensive to scale

The more subscribers you have, the more expensive this service gets. And the rates aren’t exactly fair.


Requires some traffic

New Internet Marketers or blog owners won’t feel a great effect from this service.

Although it doesn’t take much traffic to get a sign-up, it’s not worth it if your site is brand new.

Starting at $19/mo (Sign-up: $1 during first month)

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