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New year, new challenges

And it’s important to have your toolset ready to rumble.

2017 is almost over but the works of a webmaster are always present. In the upcoming year, plenty of new websites and projects are about to be started and to help the new and seasoned site owners, the TRI is bringing the new tools back in one spot.

Building sites is a long-standing battle itself and the support already available to create one can be questionable at times. Fortunately, there’s an elite you can always turn to in order to have a perfect site going and we’re about to show for your convenience the places you can rely on this sense.

This series will contain the following

Image Libraries

Find free stock images for your website.


Photo Editing


Audio and Filmaking

Apps to assist your video producing.


Site Templates

HTML5 templates for new site projects.

Over the next weeks…

…We will post it here and on our Social Networks. Stay connected and happy posting!