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This tool enables you to notify your site’s existance in order to get discovered by Google and other search engines, have them crawl and index your site, making it appear on relevant searches.

What’s inside


Sitemaps can be quickly generated on the correct format. You can also generate Sitemaps for other search engines and human visitors.

Also, with you can check for broken links on your site.

Enter site information and sitemap parameters


Generate the sitemap




Choose the file type you need and download




Upload the sitemap and submit it to Google!


See XML-Sitemap's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right SEO service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.



Extreme Simplicity

Generating your site is as basic as filling a page form. Enter your data, click the start button and download the Sitemap.

After that, upload your site to the root folder and submit the URL to the Sitemap to Search Engines you want your site to get list.


Multi Sitemap Format and Type

You can generate Sitemaps for different types of media…

  • pages

  • images

  • videos

  • news

  • RSS feeds

  • Sitemaps for Humans

…In several different fime formats:

  • XML

  • ROR

  • HTML

  • Plain Text


Pricy advanced features

If you want to have your own program, be prepared to spend some money in it as it isn’t cheap.



Very limited amount of links included

Free  users can only generate sitemaps for 500 pages or less.

Generate your Sitemap now!

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