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Free website hosting


Unmetered hosting with no ads, active community, high variety of tools, website aids and tracking utilities. And the best of it all, it’s completely free.

A high-level hosting with no price tag is finally here.

What’s inside


cPanel Powered


Auto-Installer with over 200 Scripts


Knowledge Base and Tutorials


Website Marketing tools

Know exactly what’s in it for you

Restriction free hosting

Enjoy the real power of webhosting with MySQL, cPanel, subdomains,  Autoinstallers and more.

The same service you can find in any top leading competitors is found in x10Hosting as well.

See x10Hosting's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right hosting service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.


Zero start-up costs

Since it doesn’t require any investment, its users are able to create a website as soon as the account is complete.


No Advertisements or Disk Space/Bandwidth limits

Grow your Internet spot without the most common restrictions imposed by similar providers.


No guarantees

Like any free service, you might lose your website from overnight. Even though their Main Site states otherwise, there are known high-class free website hosting providers that closed their doors.


Poor site layout

In this line of business, changes are always to the better, but not in this case, apparently. Their new site is now more difficult to navigate and seems that some pages have been removed. Overall, it has less content and they’ve completely ignored technical specifications of what users are expected to get.


Some Countries are blocked

Unlike what their old motto used to say, Free hosting for the masses, doesn’t allow users from certain regious to start an account with them. This is a very disappointing limitation given their offer.

Create your website now! It's free!

Access TRI's Knowledge Base!

If you need specific instructions on how to get something accomplish,  you can find it there.

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