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Website Hosting

Find the perfect host for your project and create your internet spot.

These are the top Web hosting services and tools along with those that TRI users are recommending them.

Most web hosting services offer unlimited Disk space, Bandwidth and email accounts, so, we’ve created a short review with a full description of the Service Provider you can see by clicking on the text link.


What to consider when choosing a web hosting service?

Regardless of how much planning you have done or even if your site is ready to be uploaded to a server, this will always be a standard requirement. Projects grow and the platform that is about to receive your content must be able to support it and whatever changes you make.

Unless your site is intended to be something small from the start, and if that is the case, you won’t probably need too many resources. But if creating a far larger, fully featured site with heavy traffic is the aim, you should be certain that your hosting service provider will not place noticeable restrictions on these two resources.

Learn more about Hosting Environments

Naturally, you want your website opened to the public 24/7 since you’re paying for a service and need to reach your target audience and/or customers.

This means that the web host chosen to hold your files must have a very high Uptime.

While it’s uncommon, there are still some web hosting services which have a poor Uptime and would otherwise contribute to the frustration of your prospects, readers and customers as well as yourself, the administrator.

You can monitor your website’s availability with several plugins and other sites.

Use Pingdom to monitor site activity.

You can add yours too! Just mail us and we'll check it out.

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