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The TRI, as you probably find out, is a very thorough Resource Center containing extensive information on almost everything you need to know to be an Authority in your niche.

To remain as such, some financial investment is required to maintain and manage our sites. It’s also a good thing to point out that no research is free.

We never liked the idea of serving advertisements on our Main Site and no one would care about it if we asked people for money.

So, to achieve a balance between our expenses and our services, we are using affiliate links on some of our pages.

This is not just for the money, because the money earned is reinvested in further research. Most of the listings you see in our Directory are services we actually tested.

Regardless of still having affiliate (or in this case, referral) links, most are free of charge, free of trouble and all of them are free of malware.

We’ve put a lot of effort to set ourselves apart from the rest, that is, webmasters who are interested in money alone offering no value in return. That is not our case: we create useful articles, video tutorials, guides, walkthorughs, reviews and more without asking for a dime.

This was our first commitment, to provide knowledge for free and will always be for as long as the TRI is operational.

Nowadays, it’s hard to tell a bad site from a good one but you’ll have to use your judgement and take your own conclusions to determine us a reliable source of information or not, since making that assessment for you is something we can’t do.

No one can claim that we have tricked him/her into signing up for anything for our financial gain and that is simply because we never done so.

Having said that, the TRI does get return from our R&D routines and sites. We are telling you this because:


We want you to know we are here to stay and will do it while compliying with US/EU and Worldwide Laws, including the FTC Regulation.


You have the right to know how is this site kept and where the money is came from and where it’s going to.

We can’t give you exact numbers on how much we make but our revenue come from Advertisements on throughout our networks, blogs, videos, and other media types.

We also have some Gigs listed on as well. Apart from that, we also receive commissions from Affiliate Links and Advertising Networks such as Google AdSense.

The TRI rarely promotes products that have not been tested by our team. The little we do, we either know for sure the company is legitimate and well-known and the product is actually useful.

The majority, we have tested it ourselves or seen it in action and are good for all our readers.

We I stand behind everything we’re pointing you out to, however, the TRI, its affiliates and Site Operators cannot assume any responsability for products/services acquired outside our domain for we have no control on them.

Our integrity means everything out here and we would not knowingly personally refer you, in plain words, to garbage.

We aren’t tracking our affiliate links but as a general rule, you should assume that links with out domain name plus a “/Visit/” or “/Get/” tag are affiliate links and we will collect the commission.

If you have a question that this diclosure notice doesn’t state or want to give us a suggestion, feel free to send us an email, we’ll get back to you as soon as we receive your message and give you a proper reply.