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Welcome! The TRI will create in this month a Series to help you get [re]started on Social Networks to increase your coverage and exposure.

Learn how to get Followers for all major social networks for free!

This series is a TRI exclusive so it will posted right here on our Main Site!

The Series

Graph showing low Facebook, Google+ and Twitter followers with a high goal per month and a sad thumbs down smiley

It’s tough to make these numbers climb but it’s possible with the right attitude.

It’s actually very simple to get followers on Social Networks. More often than not, all you have to do is just post something.

As with blogging, you are expected to be active in the networks you’re currently working with so being a frequent poster, on your blog or these social networks, is mandatory.

If you manage to update all your sites daily that’s half the work done for you.


Already posting daily?

Posting daily is good if your site is new. Since there aren’t many people viewing it, you’re better off feeding a lot of content from the get-go to appear in search engine results. You won’t be on the first page, nor the second or third, but will make sure Google, Ask, Bing and YAHOO knows you’re there.

On the other hand, if you’ve been around for some months and already have a steady flow of readers, you should step down a bit from posting every single day and focus on something on the marketing of your sites (selling your image and distribute your work) and try little more advanced strategies.

All of the above should be of general knowledge, everyone should already know and put to practice but doesn’t always work.


The reason why is also simple…

You are likely to compose a very good article, optimize it for SEO purposes, add a few images to increase its richness, publish it and share it around everywhere you can think of.

Thankfully, there’s a lot of support for blogging in general: you can learn how to become a good writer in a fair amount of time.

SEO, despite having a steep learning curve, can be just as easy to master. Let’s not forget that most blogging platforms, like WordPress for example, already have native support for it. On top of that, the amount of resources available is immense and diverse. Its quality is seldom below average.

At a glance, there doesn’t seem to be any problem getting many eyes to a post since there aren’t many things against you.

So, it comes down to the advertising campaign you’re running.


Traffic can be attained through many sources but the key ones are Social Networks, Free and Paid Advertising, Organic Search, Discussions too whether they're online or offline and Email Marketing. For ultimate exposure, all of them should be used simultaneously.

Traffic can be attained through many sources but the key ones are Social Networks, Free and Paid Advertising, Organic Search, Discussions too whether they’re online or offline and Email Marketing. For ultimate exposure, all of them should be used simultaneously.

These 6 traffic sources are the backbone of most webmaster’s ways to grow an audience.

Most people already use Social Networks, that being a point in favour to you, but not everyone knows how to use it effectively. By the end of this course, that will change for those who’ve watched the series and put in practice what they’ve learned.


What will you learn

We are gonna teach you how to get people to find your posts to all your posts across multiple Social Networks, make them more prone to click on them and read your blog as well as gain more followers.

By implementing the shown techniques, we believe difference will be quite noticeable and it won’t take much time to see a slight increase in the beginning. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get instant conversions and traffic but rather a consistent increase over time as building a followership takes its time.

The time you’ll spend is going to be a long term investment. For starters or people without many followers, it’s something you’ll need to be consistent. But as your readership begins to increment and you start receiving enough traffic and steady shares, by then you can return to your traditional posting manners. Until then, due diligence is required.

Another thing is, we won’t be showing how to do any paid promotion. The techniques demonstrated throughout this series are all free (because paid doesn’t work as nicely anyway), meaning that you can start posting with our help as soon as you understand the lesson.


When will it start

The Social Network Scrutiny Series (SNS Series) will begin in late March. We don’t have an exact date but you’ll be able to access it through our site.

Simply bookmark our Blog URL ( and keep an eye on any of our Networks and sites. We’ll let everyone know and those who are interested in learning more about this matter in many other sites and networks.

If you want to be among the first ones to access this Series, we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter and receive the series with ease on your inbox.


What do you need

The only requirement to attend this Series is having an account with the proper Network we are about to discuss. This Course is free and we will provide unrestricted content to our users and whoever is interested.

Apart from that, you’ll need to patient as well and be ready to spend a little more time in your computer to do things right. You need to put in some effort and though we’re showing you where to invest it, the most amount of work has to be done in your end.


Who should be reading this series

Anyone who needs to grow an audience or increase their followership or who has just joined a Network and doesn’t have a clear idea how to use it in a way that helps increasing traffic.


We’ll put all relevant Social Networks under the microscope and dissect every aspect that contributes to your project’s rise. Hope you find it useful!

You can connect with us using right away to know more through the buttons on the sidebar.

We’ll be seeing you then!



Disclaimer: While we know for sure that these tactics work at the time they were tested and will depict some examples, results will vary from person to person. There are too factors to take under account (such as leadership, willingness to success, individual work, etc.) that will affect the overall performance of your advertising campaign.

That said, we can’t guarantee that you’ll reach the same amount of exposure, traffic or followers and anything else not mentioned or a higher one. It’s just to give you an idea of what’s possible.