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Let your readers share parts of your site they love the most.

Place the sharing buttons on a sidebar, bottom bar, a toolbar, horizontal and vertical counters.

What’s inside


You can’t just assume your readers will actively get links to your articles and post them on their Social Media walls. You are the one who has to take the first step and to help you accomplish that, allowing you to get more traffic and to facilitate your content’s dissemination, it’s recommended that you place share buttons.

ShareThis widget is the #1 choice in the matter because it helps you doing so, even if you have no skill of programming.

What you have to do is simply select the social networks you want your content to be shared and copy and paste the codes in the appropriate areas of your webpages.

Choose your platform

Select your layout




Personalize widget and add your networks




Install it on your platform!

Sharing is caring

Because of that, ShareThis doesn’t have any disadvantage.

You can get your buttons as quick as you can copy and paste.



Simple, easy and lightweight implementation

The installation only requires 3 steps from you and it works in all major platforms. Not to mention that this widget has a very low impact in your page loading time.


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