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SiteApps gives its users a wide array of add-ons designed to make your site more interactive with your audience.

Also, it can be fully integrated to Google Analytics, which is their best offer.

What’s inside


Upon registering your site with this service provider, you’ll receive SA’s recommendations of how you can tweak your website for better exposure.

This is something you should not neglect because it actively searches for almost any inconsistency in your website and the more information you provide to it, the more it tells you.

What all this means is that the Dashboard itself is already an outstanding starting point.

Finally, its users require no previous experience either as all services have ‘step-by-step’ instructions.

Start your account

Enter your site details



Choose your apps




Install and done!

See SiteApps' ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right App Center for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.



Simple to understand

The installation process is the same as on Google Analytics: you have to insert theircode in all pages you want to be capable of using SA’s applications.


Fully customizable and flexible

You can choose when the app shows, where it appears, how it looks and who will see it, giving you absolute control over what happens on your site.


Multi-platform compatibility

SA is useable in all major blogging such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla! and more.


Heavy coding

With SiteApps, the amount of JavaScript is greatly increased, which makes your site run slower.

It also requires you to install the code in all pages, an already complicated task. Even more so if your site is based on Static HTML.


Low app count for free accounts

Free accounts are only allowed to have 2 applications.

Get your Apps!

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