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Email Newsletter service



The most newbie friendly, easy to setup platform.

Because it’s important to provide high quality tools to marketers at competitive prices, MailChimp offers you both for a very generous price tag: Free.

What’s inside


Complete mobile support

Subscriber Profiling



Strong, flexible API



Customer Automation

Know exactly what’s in it for you


Full mobile support

There’s nothing you can do on your computer that you can’t on your smartphone or tablet. MailChimp staff made sure you of it.

Anywhere, on any device, with or without an internet connection, what’s your excuse now for not running a campaign?

Team/Multi User Accounts

If you have a team of graphic designers, web analytics and writers, you can merge all that effort in a single account and work more effectively.

With everyone pitching in, your campaign will be ready up to 4 times faster.

See MailChimp's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right Email Marketing service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.



Perfect for starters

Free users can have more subscribers than AWeber and GetResponse starting plans put together.


Email Marketing Knowledge Base

MailChimp is probably the only on the market with a learning center of it’s own. And it isn’t a run-of-the mill, slowly updated site.

Click here to take a look.


Automation triggers

You can trigger an event after a prospect follows a given course of action. For example, after completing a purchase, you can switch the subscriber to another list and send him/her a different set of follow-up messages. Once you set up such a rule, this is automatically done for you.


Free account lacks Auto-Responders

While it’s understandable, it’s also crippling not to have a follow-up series available for free users.


Advanced Features are paid

Some service addons, apps and integrations must be purchased before they are fully operational or available at all.

This is a very rejected upsell technique people in general tend to avoid.


Pricing is not very impressive

In all plans, it’s equal to AWeber and GetResponse.

Doesn’t seem to be a discount to mass email senders.

Starting at $10/mo (Free Sign-up)

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