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Green Website hosting with advertising solutions

This web hosting service makes it easier for newcomers get started quickly.

Not just getting the website ready in record time but also help you get  listed and advertise your presence.

What’s inside


No Resource restrictions

Site Marketing Addons

Webmaster’s Satrting guide and Newsletters

Free domain name registration

Know exactly what’s in it for you

Eco Friendly

iPage servers are 100% powered by wind generators. Hence, its users are allowed to display a badge stating that their website is Green . That serves as a great marketing tool and builds credibility.

Knowledge Base for Starters

New webmasters are bound to face some trouble as they compile their websites. Since you want to spend more time adding your content to the website, several quick start guides, infographics and tutorials were made available. Never get stuck again or spend hours trying to fix a basic issue.

See iPage's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right hosting service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.


Free Advertising Credits

New iPage accounts have $200 to spend in Google AdWords, YAHOO/Bing Network and Facebook. They also get listed in and are allowed to access iPage’s Marketing Guides.


Freemium Themes and Plugins

They create their own to ensure all the gaps left by WordPress framework would be covered so you could fully unlock its potential.


Site Builder

The Web-based Site builder allows inexperienced webmasters to get started without prior knowledge of any skill. A good solution to go live in a matter of minutes.


Unable to pay-as-you-go

As with most advanced web hosting services, you are locked into a contract and must pay in a yearly basis for all services you acquire.


Security and Maintenance features are sold separately

Automatic Backups cost $19.95 a year, which is a very basic function any webhost should provide.

Also, the SiteLock Site Protection Software, which clearly appears in the first page as an offer, is also paid and has the same cost. This is likely a discounted price.


Some pages are too old

They are yet to be updated in a while and so, no longer reflect current changes.

This is particularly noticeable in the Hosting Features page whenever you open a popup window to see further details.

Starting at $2.50/mo (Sign-up: $77.37)

Access TRI's Knowledge Base!

If you need specific instructions on how to get something accomplish,  you can find it there.

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