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Global Virtual Opportunities

Website hosting with  prospecting tools

Besides GVO, no other hosting service provides email/video marketing systems in the same package.

This makes it a popular choice for online business owners as its users are able to save up to 88% in Marketing tools.

What’s inside


Unmetered Disk space

4 Domain Accounts


Free premium Themes and Site Builder plugin


Website Marketing tools

Know exactly what’s in it for you


GVO comes with a free Email Marketing Service. It’s not as powerful as dedicated providers but it still allows you to grow a list of subscribers you can send your updates and promotional offers to.

This is a must-have for Affiliate Marketers.

Conference Room

Fully customizable and capable of accommodating up to 5 listeners with no extra cost.

Have a larger team? Upgrade your account at any time and add as many as you’d like.

See GVO's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right hosting service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.


Unmetered Resources

No specific limits for bandwidth and disk space usage. You can even have 4 domain name accounts.


Freemium Themes and Plugins

They create their own to ensure all the gaps left by WordPress framework would be covered so you could fully unlock its potential.


Embedded prospective system

Email Marketing, landing pages, squeeze pages, video producer and more. All inside a single network ready for your use.


Monetizable account

Even if you don’t plan on hosting your own site, you can create sites for others and charge users for it. Since it is both a hosting service and an affiliate program, that’s yet another way you can earn money.


Expensive Upgrades

Account upgrades are not as accessible as the starter’s plan. Moreover, there’s a large discrepancy on the conference room addon.

Overall, some new features or increased capacity are more expensive than most competitors.


Difficult setup

The Dashboard is confusing due to the immense number of banners and lack of clear navigation bar.

Setting up a site also requires much knowledge of Domain Name Servers and WHM/cPanel which, despite having tutorials available, is not something new webmasters would rather deal with.


Not well-know by non-Affiliate Marketers

Since it’s an affiliate program, as well as a hosting service, its affiliates are supposed to advertise for the company. This has the limitation of making the service being known by only other potential or already existing affiliate marketers.

Starting at $9.97/mo (Sign-up: $1 during first week)

Need to learn more?

Not sure what “email marketing” and “Auto-Responders” are? Head to our Learning Center and find out.

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