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Email Newsletter service


More than just a Newsletter. GetResponse was perfectly built to advertise you, your site and your products.

What’s inside


90+ Integrations


Ultimate Email Analytics


QR Code Generator


Video Newsletters

Know exactly what’s in it for you


Social Media Marketing and Analytics

Implement Social sharing buttons within your emails to provide your readers a way to share content they love.

GetResponse makes it easier for you to interpret a subscriber’s behaviour based on their sharing and let you know which Social Networks you should invest more.


Knowing your public’s general opinion about your work is important. And so it is for you to give them a say on how you’re managing your services.

Increasing interactivity is always the best way to maintain an audience and GR’s Online Surveys might help you in that.

See GetResponse's ups and downs

Before signing up for anything, make sure this is the right Email Marketing service for you.

We’ve checked what it offers you, now let’s compare it with what it doesn’t.



30 day free trial

Test drive GetResponse’s services without entering your credit card details during your first month.

It’s a great starting point when you decide to use Email Marketing to advertise your site.


List, Form and Newsletter setup wizard

Despite creating a list being somewhat complicated, they broke it down in several steps including an onscreen description of what every feature/field is.

That let’s you know of what you’re dealing with as you hover your cursor without interfering with your work.


Cheaper than AWeber

For starter’s this is much easier on the pocket: the first month’s free and you only pay $15 on the next one. So that’s $5 you’re saving.

It may not be much but considering that it’s the basic plan, sounds like a good deal.


Landing Page Generator

A classic tool to promote a product and showing its details. Whether you want a sale, an email or both, that can be accomplished using their landing page creator.

This saves you the trouble of having to use different providers and since it has a Drag and Drop editor, no coding skill is required.


Still not easy to scale

As your list increases you’ll need to upgrade your plan and, despite being cheaper, the difference isn’t that helpful.

Starting at $15/mo (Free during first month)

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