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Easy Landing Page Pro

Landing Page Creator and Uploader




Create and upload Landing pages without the programming hassle.

Coding is hard to learn and error prone, however, with a tool like this, you won’t have to.

What’s inside


This is an easy-to-use Landing (or Capture) page creator. It helps you configure and implement a promotional page for you to advertise your product and collect your visitors’ emails in case they are interested. In other words, this is what builds your list.

Having a list is what allows you to earn money on autopilot, when you’re not around your computer and ELPP makes it easier to create the required page to grow it.

To set up a Landing page using this applet, users don’t need to know HTML, FTP, CSS or other programming languages, although it does help when designing the page.


Enter your details




Design your page

Upload and done!

See ELPP's ups and downs

While ELPP is a good way to automate your site it does have some shortcomings. Let us see more clearly which ones they are.


No skill required

To setup your Landing page, all you have to do is follow the wizard instructions. HTML/CSS, FTP or PHP knowledge isn’t needed.


Video Lessons

Even if there’s something you you can’t manage, the videos available can walk you through the whole process.



Supports few hosts

Sadly, this service only works in a few hosting companies, not all of them.

These are some we know it works. This list will be timely updated as they add more hosts.

  • HostGator

  • HostMonster

  • BlueHost

  • JustHost

  • WebHostingHub

  • WebHostingPad

  • FatCow

  • Green Geeks

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