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To pass the time you do something that makes you happy. To make a living you do something you’re good at. But if what you’re good at is something that makes you happy, you’re making a living being happy.

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What talent is and how to know if you have one

What is talent? According to The Oxford English Dictionary "Talent" is defined by an "Inclination, propension, or disposition for anything". But how do you know something you do is, in fact, a Talent you possess? Combine what you're best at with what you like the...

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Creating new content

Keeping your website fresh Coming up with something new and interesting is always a difficult task because the Internet is full of people who want to have their voice be heard as far as they can shout it. New blogs and websites are born every day containing countless...

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Identifying Scam sites

Avoiding fraudulent offers It's very unlikely that you don't know about sites whose sole purpose is to get you to buy something, on your email system that beg you to do the same or even to extort personal data such as passwords, bank accounts, street address or credit...

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What you should NOT join

Programs that aren't recommended Now that you've decided to be an internet entrepreneur, you need to choose your niche. A niche is a topic that your site will be about and what it you'll discuss in it. As of today, the internet offers more and more money making...

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