Getting rich quick is entirely possible and there are plenty of legitimate opportunities on the internet and on the outside. An interesting example of that is the FOREX Market: once available to small elites but now within the reach of almost all users.

It’s possible to generate 4-figure profits within the hour, which despite being insufficient to make you a millionaire but it’s more than enough for a cruise ship trip. A fine way to break the ice, if you ask me.

A case I remember when thinking of this post, was the webmaster on V7N sharing his story about he earned $197, give or take, through an affiliate link from his month old website.

We now have a notion of what’s possible from these examples and other REAL overnight stories.

Is it possible for me?

But what those success stories don’t always disclose is usually what keeps everyone from achieving the same success. Let’s be honest here: it takes a lot of effort to find a gold mine and explore it. If somebody managed to find one that could be mined, they’d sell the gold, not the mine, right?

The untold aspect that sets apart the many that don’t earn any money from the few that do lies in knowing the difference between “rule” and “exception”.

The definition

In short, rules apply to everyone or are meant to be in effect for the majority. Exceptions are made when the rule is incompatible with a specific case.

Multi-Level Marketing programs have affiliates that join early, create learning centers, resource stores and all sorts of aids and media to advertise their referral links and the services they themselves provide.

This enables them to earn money from the affiliate program and the small empire they created to help others do the same, all at the same time as they earn from multiple streams.

This lets someone earn more than sufficient to work full-time in it.

To contrast with the above, MLMs also have members that don’t earn as much as the ones above but get extra pocket money or even a secondary income source. Either that or, more frequently, don’t earn anything at all.

It’s not difficult to guess right which is the rule and which is the exception. Albeit somewhat of a doubtful finding, the correspondent Wikipedia article corroborates with this view.

Expectation VS Reality

The ability to earn money online, and also offline through home-based business using systems that are proven to work attracts a lot of people

When you stumble upon a page where a fellow tells you a story of how he/she created this program that prints them money from overnight, it isn’t necessarily a hoax. It might have worked just perfectly.

Yet, I would hardly agree any given system is “proven” to work because it made one person rich.

The same system won’t work wonders for everyone and I don’t think it is supposed to. Why? Because a number of factors come into play:




General know-how

Hard work


Contacts list



Among others.

Still, people don’t always glance at this checklist to know if they have what it takes to make something from the program they joined beforehand and simply cling onto the hopes of closing the month with an inflated wallet…

…When in fact, that wallet belongs to the masters who created that program they signed up for while these affiliates leave empty-handed. It happens a lot in this industry.

That alone is very frustrating, isn’t it?

Expecting large returns was always an issue in affiliate marketing. But on the opposite side of the scale, did the affiliate put enough effort to really anticipate such big compensation?

From everything I’ve written so far in this series, this is not yet another symptom of what happens in a webmaster, affiliate or user would consider the appropriate course of action:

This is the root of all of those problems and others I am yet to write about. More concisely it is…

Expecting large returns with little effort

One of the posts I think I wrote for WINTEMO that I never actually posted it was the laundry exercise.

Poke your head out in the window and look for any store

Yes. I’m serious. Stop reading right now and go ahead. Look for any business, restaurant, shop, big or small, take note of 5 things the store has. Write it on a piece of paper if you can’t memorize all 5. Then come back.

Got it? No? Then take a second look. Ready? OK

Which one of those characteristics, objects or details about that store can be obtained for free or take very little effort or time to make? Or to own?

See, to get a store like that, first, you need to decide what business type you expect to have. In the WINTEMO example, it was a laundry place.

To get it going, you have to rent the space, handle paperwork, taxes, buy equipment, a couple staff members, cleaning supplies, print and distribute pamphlets to let everyone know you’re opening, and other things between those lines.

You might be able to turn a restaurant in a laundry shop within 24 hours, but that’s gonna take you a lot of effort. Financial and time efforts are only the biggest ones.

Planning to get there

It’s important to have some goals set up as a guideline, especially when it’s a continuous work, like the job of a webmaster. To help you define yours, I’ve compiled a short list of aspects I consider to be of utmost importance.

1 - Be reasonable

Some investments only give their return in the long run and you’ll need to be patient enough to wait and see the results later.

While there are plans that do pan out quickly, you shouldn’t be counting on yours to be one of them. In the agricultural sector, a seed planted today won’t sprout tomorrow. Likewise, whatever seeds you plant now will take its time to give you fruits.

Do invest, but don’t just stand there waiting to see what happens; move to something new and get some work done on the sidelines.

2 - Don’t take others as a standard

Other people are different than you. They might have better or worse tools than you, but the point is they used them in a manner which probably will differ from yours. Results between two or more people will differ due to the aforementioned reasons even if their starting point is the same.

As stated, it should be noted as a reference to what is possible.

3 - Start small and scale your way up

Successful entrepreneurs today began flipping burgers yesterday. If you’re about to start, start small. In my personal case, they were pizzas and handling 4 websites, the former might be over, yet the latter is no sweet deal.

Try it with one and when you have an audience that justifies expansion, open a follow-up project you can keep up with.

4 - Break down your goals

Make a list of smaller objectives that are part of the larger checkpoint you want to reach in the long run.

What you want to achieve, how long should it take you to take there, how much are you willing to invest in it are all factors that must be set up before working on it.

Expecting huge returns – The Conclusion

Can you have it all? The answer is yes. But getting it all in one go without any effort to obtain what you wish to receive, probably will never happen.

And let’s face it: if we got everything we ever wanted for peanuts, we’d be very likely not to appreciate it. People tend to put more value and cherish what took them blood, sweat and tears to get.

This process is also needed since it teaches us skills we’ll need further ahead.

Your Opinion

Give us your opinion. Are you a webmaster that once investment too little or too much? Did it work for you or have you missed your objective?


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