It can be easy to earn money online, just as it is to lose it.


Binary Options or FOREX traders probably know it better than anyone else.

Yet, for most website owners, that isn’t always the case. A quick Google search on a random website and you’ll be able to enumerate some two or three things that are either out of place or should be improved.

Back in the days where everyone had a Blogspot website, this was very common, and it still is though it has fallen out of favor ever since WordPress took the lead, in terms of popularity.

Examples of webmaster mistakes. Click to enlarge


Hordes of poorly written posts wrapped in badly coded themes, where two-thirds of them were just advertisements… My all-time favorite is when the sidebar exceeds the length of the post or content page, which I couldn’t find. That’s a good sign!

I was a bit reluctant in adding “Grammar Errors” since I’m guilty of that as well, but decided to included it just for the sake of completeness.

As you can see from the two examples above, it isn’t part of the past, but the Internet went, in a general sense, to a positive path in this regard, and those sites aren’t easily found on Google or other major Search Engines unless you were specifically looking for them.

What could go wrong then?

Old habits were discarded. New habits were acquired.

This doesn’t represent the majority of webmasters out there, but many of us have thought about monetizing our sites at some point, even if the idea sounded silly at first. Which is totally fine, by the way.The TRI itself is a product of this. Despite not being self-sustained [yet], that option is still available.

But when a website is geared towards that purpose alone or that has turned into its first priority, that’s where things can go south and unlike a FOREX/BO trader, there’s no “Sell”/”Put” button and your reputation, credibility and traffic, to name a few things, hang in the balance and weigh against that goal.

The solution

It’s important to know what to do and how to do it right, and that alone is worth a few minutes of your time to look online for whatever problem, tutorial or help you need.

However, it is also worth to mention what not to do. After all, it’s common sense to bring ourselves to think of a solution to a problem and not the opposite. If we don’t want to make any or reduce the number of problems during our webmaster careers, we should also learn which are the top mistakes to avoid.


It was thinking about it that I decided to launch a weekly Marathon entitled “Affiliate Marketer’s Top Mistakes” where every week, a new post will thoroughly explain why a given practice may be bad for your internet spot, featuring…

  • Which mistake it is.
  • Why it is a mistake.
  • How to fix it or ways to go around it.
  • Resources to accomplish it.

…and related aspects to the post in question.

Your Opinion

The Marathon will begin in three days.

When will it end? Well, that depends on how many mistakes webmasters do.

By the meantime and to wrap it up, which ones are or have been your top mistakes? What habits do you have on your website that you consider unhealthy for your startup, community or project?


Let us know in the comments