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[RULES] Contests in INFAMERS


[RULES] Contests in INFAMERS
« on: July 29, 2018, 03:33:32 PM »
Occasionally, we may organize some special events with rewards for our participating members.The rules of the contest will be posted whenever one is launched. We will start by gaming contests and work our way up.
Below are the general rules that apply to every one of them. Depending on the necessity, these may be adjusted, changed or even revoked.

Contest General Rules
1 – Do not cheat
If a cheater is detected, they will be removed and banned from the contests. Depending on the severity of the damages caused,users involved in the destabilization of the forum are subject to disciplinary action.This includes, but isn’t limited to:
  • Submitting false information
  • Using loopholes to obtain unfair advantages
  • Duplicate entries to the contest
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Fraudulent activity
2 – Do not submit copyrighted work
Any media or content submitted by a participant must be something the user made through own means or be attained from the Public Domain (if applicable).Furthermore, the participant must be able to prove the work falls in either one of two cases when requested.
Failure to abide to these regulations can result in the player being disqualified. Additionally, challenged material without a clear author may likewise be removed.
Play fair and have fun!
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