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Security vulnerability hits Intel processors (yes, yet again)


Security vulnerability hits Intel processors (yes, yet again)
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:44:25 PM »

Security researchers announced past Tuesday (12/09/2019) the discovery of a new security problem, which according to them, Intel had already been warned about a year before and never found a plausible solution to fix it.

As before, the Processor giant states that there isn't evidence of exploits stemming from that specific flaw. Of course, the potential risk for its users is significative.

The discoverers of this flaw, the attack is a Zombieload variant. It targets what Intel calls MDS, short for Microarchitectural Data Sampling.

Through it, a hacker can force a CPU to leak information temporarily stored on its memory.

Corrections have already been emitted by Intel and they confessed that, though the work isn't complete, they believe it has substantially reduced the attack surface.