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Take a new job or not


Take a new job or not
« on: August 23, 2017, 06:57:06 PM »
So you have received a new job offer... Don't be in a rush to give an answer.
Negotiate some time for reflection, to ponder a series of pertinent matters to reach an educated final decision.

Countless companies offer a position by written, where the most important terms of the contract and company obligations are established.

1 - Analyze it carefully.
Do a comparison between what you'd consider the ideal job and the offer that was given to you.
Check which ones will be your main tasks and if the company has the required resources to allow you to do them in the best way you possibly can.

2 - Weigh your expectations with the company's.
If you still have doubts about the company, dig a little deeper. Go to the Internet and see what the markers are saying about the "economical health" of the company.You need to think if the salary you are proposed is fair, since it's easier to negotiate before you’re on the inside than after already being there.

3 - Clear all your doubts before taking the job.
Take into account the type of commitment this new job involves, whether it's the time it takes you to get there or schedules and possible relocations.

4 - Think about the impact this new job will have on your personal life.
If you have already met your future boss, think how it will be to deal with him and if he'll "fit" on your way of working.

5 - Meditate if you really want to quit your actual job and if you're really sure you want to trade it for the job you're being offered.
If you have any contact with a few employees who are already working on the company, and think about the working environment you've seen.If you still have more doubts don't be afraid of asking more questions.

6 - Talk with friends and family.

Never ignore your first instinct, because if you believe that is not the job you wish, then, don't take it. You'll do much better in a job you can enjoy yourself in.
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