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Why Graphics Cards are so expensive


Why Graphics Cards are so expensive
« on: September 25, 2019, 11:14:27 PM »
A Graphics Processing Unit, GPU Graphics Card goes a bit deeper than making those long hours of pwning noobs in CS:GO possible. And they have to, since their market is constantly evolving to present us with newer, more stunning picture quality, but tied to a likewise heavy price tag.

If you said a sheet of metal with a printed circuit, a couple fans, some chips and lights doesn't cost over $1000 to make, you'd probably be right. Mass production tends to bring that figure down since the figures are distributed among the various cards being shipped to worldwide stores.

Also, cards that have been in the market long enough, even good ones, already have their assembly lines with all the bells and whistles to make them profitable and quick to build, right?

All true.

That doesn't account for coffee cups, electric bills, meetings with engineers, design teams, programming, testing, troubleshooting... What falls under the category of "Research & Development". Those costs are, OBVIOUSLY, charged to the final consumer.

And while we're bringind the subject of assembly, that brand new NVIDIA/AMD piece of hardware that's gonna turn your computer into a mean machine has its own "rev up" cost, which once more is paid by you, specially when the former is dominating the market, though we are as of late witnessing a minor trade war between these two titans.

This brings us to another interesting point. You see, in high end Graphics Cards, NVIDIA does own its pretty little kingdom with little competition (for now). Their GPUs are normally the go-to choice when it comes to quality both for gamers and content creaters along with the more professional users... so why are those still expensive?

Simple. Because they can.

Having a monopoly means you call the shots. And if quality is paid on the consumer level, GPUs for rendering - which differ from their gaming counterpart - go way over $3000.